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Residential & Commercial Restoration Services

Water damage from floods, plumbing system failures, storms, and even appliance malfunctions can all cause unexpected destruction in your home or commercial property. Getting the damage to your property repaired and things back to normal is our shared goal. We minimize disruptions to your home or business and do everything possible to restore everything to your satisfaction.

Residential Services

You can rest easy knowing we work diligently to restore your home back to better than new. The Trained Technicians at Brown Fire and Water Restoration Services have the know-how!

Commercial Services

Damage to your place of business can be disastrous. The technicians at Brown Fire and Water Restoration Services have your back!

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Fire Damage Remediation
Fire and Smoke Damage Specialists

Fire damage restoration is a process that begins as soon as the authorities say the property is safe. Smoke is an acidic byproduct of fire capable of corroding and staining surfaces such as walls and counters. In some cases, the steps taken to put out the blaze can cause more damage than the actual fire. This is why proper fire restoration deals with heat, smoke and water damage.

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Flood Water Damage Repaiirs
Restore Flood Damaged Structures

Our flood damage repair experts have the necessary training and equipment to properly remove flood water and sewage that may contain harmful bacteria and fecal matter. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to react quickly to flood damage emergencies and help mitigate the damage before beginning the restoration process.

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Repairing Water Damaged Structures
Water Damage Remediation

All water damage restoration jobs are unique and the amount of work required for each depends on a variety of factors such as the amount of area in the home that’s been damaged and how long the water has been present. Once a professional water damage cleanup vendor arrives and has a chance to inspect the home, they’ll be able to put together a detailed project timeline specific to your job.

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Residential Restoration Services

Our homes are susceptible to damage by any number of sources. Fire, flooding, hurricane force winds, or even a brief hail storm can result in damage to your home. The aftermath of these scenarios can be devastating, not to mention how disruptive they can be. No matter what the disaster, we’re here to help get everything in your home restored back to normal.

Commercial Restoration Services

When disaster strikes your business, every hour spent on recovery could equal hundreds, even thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Fast and efficient disaster clean up is crucial. Our professional commercial and large loss restoration specialists will be there fast to help get your business up and running again. We offer damage restoration to all kinds of businesses.

Why BFW Restoration Services

BFWR provides professional residential and commercial emergency restoration services for disasters of all sizes. From water and flood damage, to fire damage remediation, we are available 24/7 to clean up and repair damage to residential and commercial property. We are staffed by licensed and professional technicians. BFWR is bonded and insured for your protection.

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